Here’s what you should do in the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident:

Get the Medical Care You Need

The most important thing you need to do after a motor vehicle accident is seek treatment for any injuries. If you are unable to move under your own power, don’t try to do so. This isn’t the time to be heroic, it’s the time to let others take care of you, if necessary. Wait until emergency medical technicians or professionals arrive. Let them decide if you need to travel to the hospital by ambulance.

If you are able to move about on your own, it’s still critical to obtain medical treatment immediately, whether by taking yourself to the hospital, going to an urgent care facility or scheduling an appointment with your family doctor. The longer you wait to obtain medical care, the greater the risk that defense attorneys can argue that your injuries were not severe or were caused by some other incident.

When you seek medical care, ask doctors and nurses to document everything in writing. Be sure to tell them about everything you can remember, and about anything that seems out of the ordinary. Don’t focus on the broken arm and forget to tell them about the stiffness in your back or neck. Often, the most debilitating injuries sustained in a car accident are the ones that take a day to two to appear.

Document Everything

To the extent possible, you want to get a record of everything related to the accidents. Gather all contact information from any other parties involved in the accident, including name, phone number, e-mail address and insurance provider (for other drivers). If there were witnesses, ask for their contact information as well, so that your lawyer can easily contact them when preparing your lawsuit. Take pictures of everything related to the accident, from the damage to all vehicles to any injuries you sustained, from the road conditions at the time of the crash to the weather or any stop signs or road signs at the scene of the wreck.

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